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Monday, 15 October 2012


OUR pop star has open up for her desperation to go for a date,thou she has been recently link up to her formal boyfriend Chris Brown,after two years without a man as her own Rihanna has openly state that she is a woman that has vagina and has to be loved like other woman. Base on interview conducted sometime AGO which is release of recent has link us to Rihanna and her interest to mingle as she is single,in her statement i quote "a young vibrant woman that need to be love and i love to have fun having two many Vagina around me,she said that her biggest obstacle now is getting a man to ask her out 'all i want is a guy that will make me laugh for some hours and have fun. since the interview is conducted around august before the MTV video music award,people has start suspecting and concluding that she run back to Chris Brown because of her desperate after all she is a woman.

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