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Friday, 19 April 2013


THE VODAFONE GHANA NOMINEE AWARD(VGNA)has been going on for the last past few month and is really fun as fans are busy trying to vote and put their idol artist to the top. GHANA is a west AFRICA country that love music and is trying hard to reckon with the world music in term of quality and good instrumental,for the past years they have been organizing lot of award and shows to encourage their music art among others,and recently VODAFONE has actually come out full to organize this award and it contain lot of categories but the most interested category is artist of the year and in it we have the R2BEATS which is at the top at the time of posting,based on interview MUGES a member of the group explain how the start way back from playing with music with fellow boys boys and later discover that it is their talent. WE have like of ODG FUSE who is a LONDON base artist but release his song late last year,among the artist on this award he has the latest release but he still make wave within and outside the country and actually doing well on the votes,their are a lot of talented artist on this category but the country renounce artist SARKODIE did not future on this year award because of inability to release new single within the calendar year.

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