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Sunday, 24 March 2013


the Nigeria singer who was discover in 2008 star qest and was sign by BANKY W record label,he has done many hit singles like GINI,I LOVE MY BABY and many more he announce his release of mixtape on APRIL this year which have the like of WALE of MAYBACH music artist and TYGA a U K rapper, LAST TIME we heard about him opening his own record label and leave his former boss BANKY W and his friend wale and others,you will actually agree with me that WIZKID is really determine to move forward in his music carr


THE GHANA diva and singer EASSY who has done many fine work and singles has release his new single"SCREEM" promotion video which show many actors and actress and musician like MICHEAL MAJIN,NELSON and many more,the video which was release in less than 72 hours has actually has 42,000 page view. when EASSY was ask what she think confess that she was really amaze and promise to show us her best this year and is planning a tour with her group to secondary school in other to reach her fans at school that does not have time to visit her shows and she also tell us about her new lipstick which was label EASSYLIP.


THE R AND B singer and a popular artist known by his work and who has fans all over the world plus hit singles and album to show his talent in music industry was announce this month that he dispose his house and sell it by sum of 950 thousands dollars.


THERE has been a lot of news concerning the relationship between this two star but it seem that this joke has really turn out to be real,in this year GRAMMY award RIHANNA was seen wearing ring that resemble an engagement ring thou they has not make it official but they did"t denial it and information reaching us says that they are planning a kind of carnival weeding this summer. WISHING BREZZY AND RIHANNA best of luck and hope that it will be fine since RIHANNA father has really give them his blessing .

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


THE young money cash money pop star was given bed in CEDARS-Sinai hospital on last week Tuesday because of seizure in LOS ANGELES, young money president and Lil Wayne close friend MACK MAINE disclose this via twitter,he spend five days in the hospital but thank God that he is now fine.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


AFTER about five years of the pop death a wrongly death lawsuit filed by MICHEAL mother and children slated to go to trial next month. THE JACKSON family release statement last MONDAY saying that they are looking forward in their day in court,especially after the judge unsealed the document on the suit this week which include smoking gun"email from MICHEAL promoter to DR CONRAD MURRAY;THE PERSONAL hired physician,the email suggest the promoter attempted "this is it' come back tour was cancel due to JACKSON health. LETS KEEP OUR FINGER CROSS TILL THE COURT DAY.

Monday, 4 March 2013


THE R AND B star in LOS ANGELOS few night has show us some other side of his raping skills when he perform in PUFF DADDY party standing beside him is RIHANNA in a baseball cap and black shirt,actually they has been making headlines after the episode of law and order special victim units inspired by their romance. FOR the people that don"t know that CHRIS will be coming to GHANA with RIHANNA and her 25 crew band on 4th against 5th show got to be their.

Saturday, 2 March 2013


THE young pop master has actually add a year in his number of birth and in no distance time he will be a full grown man,BIEBER has actually show the world that he come to stay in music industry when he go home with three award in just concluded GRAMMY award.people that taught that the pop artist will eventually back off after shining for some years has ton re-think because the young man has many years to explore and show his talent.