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Thursday, 31 January 2013


THE singer that turn into actor has return in the music with his last album which is topping in almost all the chat in the continent and he is set to perform on February 10 at 55th annual Grammy award, the six time Grammy award winner has been out since four years now and with his new album "TIE AND SUIT" HE return to show us that he got the talent. the performance include some other stars like RIHANNA,TAYLOR SWIFT,JACK WHITE,BLACK KEYS,CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND WHOLE LOT OF OTHERS. the show will host by LL COOL J who has win the GRAMMY award two times and to see the nominees and their nod go to


MANY people has a lot of talents but the platform to display them is not there so they hide them and live with them all their life,it really hurt when you see many things know to you that you will do exceptionally well get wasted or abuse by others. WE have desired to do many things that we enjoyed doing but get negative talk and opposition from the people that suppose to encourage us,entering into our line of work because we know what we are capable of and at the end of the day we start to disbelieving our abilities. NOW i said lets step up and wake up from our slumber and grab what we desired all our life,are you talented in singing,dancing,rapping,computing,designing and anything that has to do with information and technology or musics i urge you to step up and help each other and climb the ladder of greatness because unity can achieve almost everything. send your contacts,comment and what you can do now !!!!

Monday, 28 January 2013


THE Brooklyn rapper has release his sixth album tittle "LOSO'S WAY 2" where he has a whole new level of songs that will make his fans trip again,among the songs in the new album is a track called "READY" which he feature CHRIS BROWN and you got to look out for the song because it will really make a hit out of the album. FABULOUS has a lot of singles that has sell well over the years and is determine to keep his game high and bring his best for all music lovers and most especially his fans all over the world.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


THE singer who has been out of the industry for some now is back with new single tittle "TIE AND SUIT" which he feature the like of Jay z and the song is really doing great,the music which was just release has start been at the top in almost all the chart in EUROPE and AMERICA. WE will say that the mic man is really out to kill it,that shows that he is working at the backstage all the while he is out i do believe is a good news for his fans,you can download it from music212,waptrick and other downloadable music website listing and tell us what you think.


the Nigeria rapper ikechukwu who was know by his stage name as Nacto c was expecting a child from his model woman and will be a father soon,the mic guy who has do many song over the years and make a name for himself in the industry will be smiling very soon because this is not everyday news. Not only him is a superstar that is expecting a child rather the like of Tu face will got his second child and they are really going to be a great fathers. say what you think......

Friday, 25 January 2013


FOR a long time now people has been waiting to see the work of mo"hit producer without his partner d bang and you guys don"t have to wait any longer because the baron has produce new single of WANDE COAL which he also feature himself thou they try to sound like shaggy but i tell you this song did not represent DON JAZZY we use to know and base on the wack song release by D BANG some time ago it make me believe that they will do more better when they team together but their "ego' did not allow them to make right decision. if they will make it separately it will just take some time for individual to master his potential and put it to work,i do pray for their success and Nigeria music at large.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


ON Monday 22 the Hollywood star mansion was storm by the SWAT team because of prank of reporting fake information of emergency on someones home, ACCORDING to report the cops enter his home on Monday evening after they received phone call reporting domestic violent and search the house but found no evidence thou CHRIS is not around but the member of his staff are around. there has been a lot of stars that has fall into this prank among them are falsely report of crime at Bruce and Kris Jenner"s Malibu home which sent you Kim Kardashian on angry twitter rant,and hoax call to Justine Bieber,Tom cruise,Miley cyrus.


THE Nigeria Nollywood actor Jim Iyke this Wednesday been 23 of January tweet on his official twitter page how he roll with private jet according to his word "this is how we roll, is a big boy thing"

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


THE love birds Chris Brown and Rihanna who split up in 2009 based on physical beating from her lover has been since rumor to has come back again but is seriously disturbing her friends and love ones who said that their reunion will surely affect her carer because she is seconding her carer under her love life,the diva who was signed under Jay z record label def has been seen with Chris many times when asked always replay that they are just a friend. Rihanna crew has been worried about her including Jay z and others involve,lets pray that Chris has change or else she will been seed to hospital very soon.